Fever 1793 Vocabulary




List 1

Abhor-to hate or despise

Disreputable- having a bad reputation

Robust- strong, vigorous and healthy

Tolled- to give a signal or sound out

Impudence- having boldness or disregard to others

Miasma- vapor in the air causing disease; airborne illness

Interject- to put something in between other things

Conceded- to admit truth, acknowledge

Victual- food supply

Fractious- troublesome, hard to handle or control

Scamp- a rascal, mischievous person

Noxious- harmful to health or well-being


List 2

Implore- to request, beg, or plead

Tedious- long and boring

Squall- a small commotion or disturbance

Vehemently- showing great force, energy, or emotion

Immodest- boastful, showy, having a high self opinion

Pestilence- a contagious and infectious disease

Cajole- to coax or persuade using false promises

Skirmish- a minor fight or dispute

Gumption- courage, motivation, spunk

Parched- dried out due to heat

Oppressive- cruel or harsh for no reason

Improvise- to make, invent, arrange, or do something with little preparation; performing on the spot



List 3

Taper- to gradually become less

Slovenly- lazily and carelessly done

Placid- calm, peaceful

Relent- to give in, become less strict

Exorbitant- going overboard, exceeding

Ominous- foretelling evil, threatening

Purge- to cleanse of, empty, get rid of

Begrudge- to allow, to grant, to reluctantly be willing

Scurrilous- coarse, obscene, rude

Shroud- a cover or screen on something mysterious or unpleasant

Relish- to enjoy or delight in

Copious- abundant, a lot of


List 4

Brandish- to shake or wave in a threatening manner


Sodden- dull or lacking expression


Cower- to back away or crouch down, as if in fear


Solemn- being serious and proper in behavior and appearance


Trundle- to roll along

Notion- idea, concept, or belief


Imp- a mischievous child


Vigilant- alert to signs of danger


Invalid- one that is sickly or disabled


Salvage- to save or recover